The Saturday Cafe Clubs


Empowering Children & Young People


Welcome to the Saturday Cafe

The Saturday Cafe clubs were launched in August 2001 with 5 children just attending one Club. We have now grown to provide 4 weekly club sessions and 9 weeks of holiday club sessions(5 days per week in school holidays). On Average we have 30 children / young people attending each of our general club session (Saturday Café; Ultimate Sunday’s; Ozzy’s Youth Club and One Ups) and 25 children per day during the Café holiday Club’s; thus maintaining 960 hours of fun, exciting activities for out kids / young people and 960 hours of short-breaks from caring roles for all us parents and carers.

Our Ethos

We promise to offer children and young people of all abilities exciting and challenging activities, which support and extend their learning and development. We also promise to provide a rich stimulating environment full of contexts for socialising, play, exploration and freedom out with their home/school, where they can relax create, investigate, explore, initiate and persist with activities they enjoy in a fun, caring environment.

Our Care

In managing behaviour we are sensitive to the unique needs of your child and we will work with you to find out their individual needs and routine. Children and young people benefit most where adults adopt a consistent and positive approach to the management of their behaviour. We promise to establish clear boundaries according to the child /  young person’s level of understanding and to provide professional and personal care for every child and young person

Our Staff

The children and young people in our Clubs are at many different stages of development and we are sensitive to their individual needs. We promise to engage in skilful and sensitive interactions to support each child or young person by ensuring that play/social opportunities, resources and interactions indoors and outdoors are appropriate to the level and maturity of the individual child or young person