about us

Our Promise:

To Offer children with disabilities exciting and challenging activities, which supports and extends their learning and development and to provide a rich stimulating environment full of contexts for socialising, play, exploration and freedom out with their home/school, where they can relax, create, investigate, explore, initiate and persist with activities they enjoy in a fun, caring environment. In a safe environment to allow children to interact, we will achieve this through organised activities and play, sport, drama and dance   

Welcoming Procedure:

Staff adopt a welcoming procedure to ensure each child feels comfortable as quickly as possible. Our play staff are sensitive to your child’s unique needs and levels of comfort, and the individuality and personality of each child/young person is respected. It is our policy to allow this process to develop naturally and in its own time, with support from staff and other children and young people, We rely on information from parents and care providers as you know our child best. if for whatever reason your child / young person is not setting into the club or making progress we will inform you of this 

Regulation of care:

The service for our 5 – 18 year olds is regulated by the care inspectorate – where you can find out latest report Service Number: CS2017362953, In line with the requirement’s a full range of polices and procedures underpin out practice. A copy of any of our polices and procedures are available of request